Have you seen the FTX patch during the Baseball playoffs

Have you seen the FTX patch during the Baseball playoffs?

If you have been watching the Major League Baseball Playoffs, you may have noticed a “FTX” patch on the umpire’s shirts or jackets. The patch is for the digital currency exchange FTX. Competing against digital currency exchanges Coinbase and Binance, FTX has made a deal with MLB so they can become better known in the digital currency industry.

FTX is aggressively working to promote its digital exchange
In addition to the FTX patch on MLB umpires, FTX is running a $20 million advertising campaign featuring Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen during National Football League games through October.

According to the National Basketball Association, FTX has bought the naming rights to the Miami Heat Arena. The NBA says that beginning with the 2021- 2022 NBA season, the home of the Miami Heat will be known as “FTX Arena.” The 19-year deal is worth $135 million.

Steph Curry, an all-star basketball player from the Golden State Warriors, has signed an agreement with FTX to become a global ambassador for the exchange. Mr. Curry will receive an equity stake in the company, just like Mr. Brady, and Mr. Curry’s charity, Eat.Learn.Play will partner with FTX on charitable initiatives.

Trever Lawrence, the number one NFL draft pick and new quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has signed an agreement with Blockfolio, FTX’s digital currency app. According to Forbes, a significant amount of Mr. Lawrence’s signing bonus will be paid in digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana.

The University of California, Berkeley Bears have signed a 10-year naming-rights agreement with FTX. The $17.5MM naming-rights deal, which will name the stadium FTX Field, will be paid entirely in digital currency.

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