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Top 10 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

Top 10 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

Cryptocurrencies are a new and exciting way to earn money. P2E (play-to-earn) crypto games are a unique take on classic video games that allow players to earn in-game cryptocurrencies by winning fights, completing objectives, and renting or selling their assets. Most games will have a decentralized exchange where players can exchange their in-game currency for …

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Money is moving from gold to digital currency

Many people mining Filecoin

Why are so many people mining Filecoin? Filecoin is an interesting business model because it is very different from many existing blockchain projects. Many digital currencies are based on consensus algorithms such as PoW, PoS, or DPoS. Filecoin has a different consensus called Proof of Replication (PoRep) and Proof of Spacetime (PoSt). Filecoin rewards miners …

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Coinbase proposes a new approach

Coinbase proposes a new approach to regulating digital currency Coinbase made a big splash on Thursday as they released a blog post announcing their Digital Asset Policy Proposal. Brian Armstrong wrote an op/ed in the Wall Street Journal on Friday on the same topic. According to the Coinbase blog post, “We hope this document will …

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What to expect when mining with Cloud Rush

The Filecoin mainnet launched

 The Filecoin mainnet launched on October 15, 2020, and it has been an amazing year. Let’s look at some Filecoin numbers achieved over the past year – 12 Exbibytes (13,835,058 terabytes) of total network storage power 3,362 Filecoin storage providers 230+ organizations building on the network 465+ new projects entering the ecosystem 7,500+ project …

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